8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Train for a Run

You’re probably reading this thinking, but running is hard! And you’d be right! Running takes mental and physical toughness. It’s hard enough to convince yourself to get up and exercise, it’s even harder to start and keep running. However, I can guarantee the benefits of running outweigh any cons. First…

It Makes You Feel Good!

Ever heard of runners high? Well, the legend is true! When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which makes you feel amazing. So much so, it can boost your mood and increase your productivity at work. 

Stress Relief

When life gets crazy, go for a run. You won’t experience the stress relief until you try it!

train for a run - feel good

Clear Your Mind

Especially if you’re running in a park or scenic area, running is therapeutic. You can get a much-needed break from life and time away from your screen. It’s a place where you’re able to think and refresh your mind.

Total Body Workout

Running is great for those who want to lose or maintain their weight. It works your entire body and is amazing for heart health.

train for a run - medals

Healthy Lifestyle

Even if you aren’t ready to run, just walking and being active will impact your lifestyle. Dedicating time to exercise can lead you to become more conscious about what food you eat and how much water you’re drinking!

Challenge Yourself

Doing something tough, like running, really makes you push yourself. It forces you to set goals and is incredibly rewarding when you reach them.

train for a run - motivation

Run for Charity!

Whether it’s a 5K, 10K, half, or full marathon, sign up for a run! This is a great way to push yourself to prepare for the race since you have an actual date to mark on your calendar. Even better, most race proceeds go to benefiting a charity or non-profit. It’s a win-win!

It’s Always Worth it in the End

After the race, you finally get to see all your hard work and preparation pay off. You can enjoy that runners high and celebrate crushing your goal!

train for a run - finish line

So, go ahead and get out there! Running is tough, but so many opportunities and benefits are waiting for you. Push yourself and finish strong!

train for a run - finish line

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