Make the Most of the School Year

Goals for everyone: from Students to Grandparents

We can’t believe it’s that time already—back to school season! How did summer go so fast? While it’s always hard to say goodbye to days at the pool and mornings without alarm clocks, it can be exciting to get back to a routine, seeing friends every day, your school sports, and learning new things. Whether you are currently a student, a teacher, or a family member of a student, it’s important to think of goals you’d like to achieve. 

Goals for Students:

  • Keep Grades Up: This year do you want to get straight A’s? Improve your overall average from last year? Whatever it is, write down the grades you want to achieve, and monitor your progress overtime to make sure you get there!
  • Join Activities: Maybe you want to be more involved this year. Have you been wanting to try out for an after school sport, the band, or the spring play? Go for it! Check out some of our tips for team tryouts.
  • Make New Friends: Want to make more friends this year? There are so many ways in school to meet more people. Think about signing up for clubs and activities, or even sitting by someone new in class. When the lunch bell rings, try to mix up where you sit and meet new friends.
goals for students

Goals for Teachers:

  • Encourage more Class Participation: Every year you’ll have the kids who raise their hand for every question, and the kids who never speak unless called upon. Think of fun ways to encourage class participation. Bounce a beach ball around the class and whoever catches it has to answer the next question. Get the kids excited about speaking up.
  • Stay Organized: Prepare your lesson plans ahead of time. This way you will always stay on top of the lessons you are currently teaching, and what’s coming next. This will help you stay on schedule and be as efficient as possible.
goals for teachers

Goals for Parents:

  • Help your Student Feel Prepared: It’s important that your child has all the necessary supplies so they can make the most of their school year. Make sure they have the books, assignments, and supplies they need in order to stay on top of their projects and schoolwork. Having your support will help keep them motivated, and they’ll be excited to learn.
  • Get Connected: Knowing other parents can help you feel more involved in your child’s education, and it doesn’t hurt to make new friends either! You can get notes or missed assignments if your child is sick, and you can potentially carpool together to school activities.
  • Be an Active Parent: Being involved shows your child that you care, and also helps the school improve each year. Join the PTA, sign up to chaperone for a school field trip, create a fundraiser for the school. Maybe you’ll set a new fundraising goal, or help create a new program.
goals for parents

Goals for Grandparents:

  • Support your Student’s Achievements: Get a copy of your grandchild’s school schedule for the year. This way you can be aware of when all upcoming events are, from the back-to-school open house all the way through the spring awards program. Be there to support them when you can make it!
  • Help them Dress to Impress: Take them back to school shopping! Students get excited about getting a new backpack and the first day of school outfit. Be a part of your grandchildren’s school experience by helping them pick out these items.
  • Pick them up After School: Sign up for school drop-off and pick-up times. Pick certain days that you will pick up your grandchildren from school. They’ll be so excited to see you and spend more quality time with you!
goals for grandparents

No matter if you’re still a student or just want to support a student in your life, there are always ways to get involved and set goals for the upcoming school year. Make this year better than any other by being more prepared, and don’t forget to follow-up and make sure you’re sticking to your back to school goals!

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