How Can I Motivate Myself to Work Harder?

Motivation can be hard to come by. You know you want to achieve more, but can’t find the words or actions that will inspire you to do it. We all hit motivation blocks as we work toward our goals. Finding motivation doesn’t come easy for everybody at every single moment. If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a slump, don’t be discouraged! You’re not alone and there are simple ways you can motivate yourself to work harder. All it takes is dedication and perseverance to get you back on track.

Cut Out Distractions

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or lacking motivation, you’ll look for distractions. You might pull out your phone or binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. Distractions will look different for everyone. If you find yourself avoiding or procrastinating when it comes to your goals, pay attention to what you do with that time instead. It’s those distractions that will keep you feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed. When you find yourself falling into those distraction habits, force yourself to work on the very thing you’re avoiding. You’ll come away feeling accomplished and slowly start to find your motivation again.

Eliminate Excuses

There will always be excuses for why you can’t dedicate time to work harder. You’re tired, you’re busy, it can be done later; these are all common thought patterns we use to justify not working as hard as we know we can. While resting is important, hold yourself accountable to the goals you set. Sit down one day, write out your schedule, and identify a set time you know you can utilize for goal achievement. That way, when excuses start to bubble up, it will be easy to shut them down because you’ve planned ahead.

Tip: Organizing your goals and having a set time each week to work on them is an amazing way to motivate yourself to work harder.

Take Action

The best way to overcome lack of motivation is through action. When you feel your least motivated, exhausted, or even ready to give up is when it’s critical to keep taking action. The longer you avoid something or put it off for a “better time”, the more difficult it will be to come back to them. Working harder doesn’t always mean you’re achieving more, sometimes it looks like the simple decision to keep going even when you don’t feel like it. Perseverance is the key to success. Just keep taking action and motivation will follow.


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