25 Things More Productive Than Scrolling On Your Phone

The time you spend on your phone can add up quickly. On average, people check their phones 80 times a day! Most people feel the urge to check their phones every 12 minutes. It feels like second nature to grab your phone and start scrolling throughout the day whether you’re checking emails or catching up on Instagram.

If you’ve found yourself saying you don’t have enough time to do something, check in with how often you’re scrolling through your phone. While there’s nothing wrong with checking your phone and hopping on social media, it can take up more time than you realize. Replace a few of your phone scrolling sessions with one of these 25 ideas of ways to be productive and see how much you can get accomplished!

1. Knock out one item on your to-do list

2. Start a gratitude journal
3. Read a book

4. Clean one room in your house

5. Organize your desk
6. Listen to a podcast

more productive than scrolling - podcast

7. Workout

8. Throw out or donate things you don’t use anymore
9. Clear out the junk drawer in your home

10. Write down goals you’d like to achieve

11. Make an action plan for one thing you’d love to accomplish

more productive than scrolling - action plan

12. Volunteer somewhere

13. Go out with a friend

14. Go for a walk
15. Do the dishes

16. Get creative (paint, draw, etc.)


17. Pick a new hobby you’d like to try
18. Try a new meal

19. Make a healthy snack

20. Make a list of things you’re thankful for
21. Plan out your week

22. Learn something new

man reading

23. Go grocery shopping
24. Clean out your car

25. Do the laundry

There are plenty of ideas beyond this list that are more productive ways to spend your time. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy a little bit of time unplugged from your phone!

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