Helping Your Team After Loss or Letdown

If you’ve experienced loss or letdown with your team, you know how difficult it can be, but finishing strong doesn’t just mean you push until you get the big win. Finishing strong means you can face the disappointments and the losses with just as positive of an attitude as you do the wins. Working hard and being faced with a loss is tough, but there are valuable lessons to learn in that moment. Here are some important ways you can help your team have a great attitude even after disappointment.

Losing Isn’t Failure

It’s important to remind your team that losing doesn’t equate to failure. If they went out there, worked hard, and did their best, that is just as much a victory as winning the game. Life is more than if or what you win, it’s how much effort you give that counts.

Keep Trying

Discouragement can keep your team from wanting to try again. Remind them that part of finishing strong is saying, “I know this didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, but I won’t let that stop me. I’ll keep trying.” In sports and life, there will be moments you want to quit. Teaching your team to still show up in spite of a disappointing outcome will help them finish strong.

Celebrate Afterward

As much as you celebrate the wins, you can still celebrate after the losses and disappointments too! Take your team out for pizza or ice cream. Remind them effort is worth being happy about whether they won or not. The fact that they showed up, played their best, and had a good attitude about it is a victory all on its own.

Learning to finish strong in the face of loss is an invaluable lesson in life. Not everything will go the way you want, but reminding you and your team that success is bigger than a win or loss will help after disappointing games.

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