10 Tips to Finish Your Workday Strong

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say at some point in your life you’ve probably felt overwhelmed by work. Am I right? Of course! Every single one of us has been there; it’s inevitable. Luckily, I have listed 10 ways to help reduce the stress of work and improve your productivity so you can finish your workday strong.

1. Make a To-Do List

First things first, get organized. Making a to-do list will not only help you stay organized but will also help you plan your day or the whole week.

2. Wake Up Earlier

Speaking of making a to-do list, one of the most important things to add is to wake-up early. If you really want to get things done, or if you’ve ever wished you had more hours in a day, here is your extra time.

3. Exercise in the Morning

What usually follows the thought to exercise is an excuse. You might think, “I don’t have time”, “I’m too tired”, or “I can’t afford a gym”. It’s safe to say that we have all said one of these before. Waking up early gives you time to exercise and gives you the rest of your day to focus on work. Early morning workouts also wake up your mind and will help you stay focused throughout the rest of the day.

finish your workday strong

4. Prioritize your MITs

Your MITs are your “most important tasks”, aka, your money makers. What I’m saying is, don’t always start the day by checking your email. When you open your emails first thing, you can easily get distracted or caught up doing something that’s not as important. Get to work and get focused on what is going to bring home the big bucks. 

5. Do your Hardest Tasks First

Part of prioritizing you MIT’s is doing your hardest tasks first. When you get to work you have the most energy to get things done and you’re less likely to be stuck at the office after hours. Use the feeling of accomplishing your hard tasks to carry you through the rest of your day.

6. Set a Time Limit on your Tasks

This one is good for two reasons: One, not going over time, and two, avoiding procrastination. Setting a time limit on a task can help you stay focused and save time for your other important things. Knowing you have to finish your task in 30 minutes or 2 hours helps you get the work done on schedule.

7. Take a Breather

After you create your to-do list with your MIT’s first and your time limits set, make sure you block out a few minutes in between tasks to take a breather. It’s important to take a mental break, stretch your legs, get a snack, or drink some water. This will help you stay focused on what comes next.

finish your workday strong

8. Delegate Some of your Tasks

You’re already handling your MIT’s…but what about the lesser important tasks on your list? These are things that you need to train someone else to do or invest in outsourcing them. It may be hard for some to relinquish control or give up the money to outsource, but delegation will allow you to focus on your money makers, making it all worth it in the end.

9. Look for Inspiration

Days in the office can get long and the weeks even longer, making it hard to keep yourself motivated. I suggest watching an inspirational video, listening to a TedTalk, or reading a chapter or two from a motivational book. Just something to get you hyped up to get back to work. (Consider doing one of these on your breaks!)

10. Get your Rest!

Make sure you are going to bed earlier since you’re waking up earlier now! (Right??) Regardless, rest is a necessity; no one has ever done their best work while tired. Get your sleep so you can get to work and finish strong!

The next time your workload seems like too much to handle, try out some of these tips. Sometimes taking a break or writing a to-do list can help you mentally prepare to take on all of your tasks. Stay motivated, work hard, and finish your workday strong. You can do it!

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