How to Finish the School Year Strong

We’re almost to the end of the year, and summer break is right around the corner! At this time of year, students start to get excited about the thought of being out of school. It’s still important to remember to keep working hard these next few weeks before getting all summer to kick back and relax!

Here are some tips on how to finish the school year off strong and start an excellent summer break!


Elementary School

At this age, kids are so eager for summer break, that they may not be as focused in the classroom anymore. Create a set of goals for students to check off for the last few weeks of school. Let them know that once they check off every item, they get to enjoy their summer break.  Children will be excited to cross things off & they will feel a sense of accomplishment once they’re done!


Middle School

Middle school is the age where students may begin to take final tests for the first time. Make sure students know their finals schedule, and that they are prepared for each test. Encourage students to fill out their study guides for each class. Parents might consider helping them create flashcards and then quiz them on each subject. With the right preparation, they will feel prepared and confident to take their tests.


High School

In high school, students have become accustomed to having final exams and projects. Encourage them to prioritize each project by the due date, and use their planners to stay organized! Show support by reminding them to eat snacks, stay hydrated, and take breaks.  For harder classes, it’s a good idea to connect with other students by setting up study groups. Studying with friends can motivate students to help each other learn the material and do their best!



Final projects and tests in college can be worth a large portion of the final grade, so it’s essential to start studying and preparing far in advance. Create a plan & schedule for each class to stay on top of due dates. Submit project drafts early—some professors will give feedback and allow students to make changes before the final due date. Get with study groups in each class, and be sure to attend the professor’s review session. This provides an opportunity to answer questions and hear tips and best practices. Stay hydrated, and make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before tests!

No matter what grade level, encourage students to Finish Strong and continue learning until that final bell rings. This makes lounging poolside in the summer much more enjoyable. If students need reminders to keep up the good work, consider giving them their very own Finish Strong wristband to keep them motivated.

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