The Finish Strong Story

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In the early 1990s a struggling, young, salesman had reached a breaking point. Dan Green had dreams of becoming a successful salesman but was on the verge of quitting. He could not seem to get over the hump and close enough business to make a living. Then, from an unknown source, the words “finish strong” crept into his daily thinking. He’d heard the phrase used in sports before, but he found an application in business that would ultimately lead to shattering sales records, building wealth, and realizing many personal dreams. 

By the mid-90s, the Finish Strong attitude had become part of Dan’s life in all aspects – personally and professionally. It was a way to eliminate regret and build a life-long legacy of meaning and purpose. When Dan officially trademarked the words Finish Strong in 1996, he had a vision of creating a company that would help individuals achieve breakthrough performance in their lives by applying the Finish Strong attitude. Initially, the Finish Strong attitude was promoted through products. Then programs were also developed to train sales professionals, athletes, and coaches on the power of adopting the Finish Strong attitude. The brand took off.

“You and only you have the power to choose how to respond to the challenges in front of you.” 

– Dan Green

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In 2008, the publisher Simple Truths published Dan’s first of three inspirational books called Finish Strong, More than A Statement…It’s an Attitude. The book quickly became one of their top-selling titles and sold over 225,000 copies since. The book and brand garnered even more notoriety in 2009 when Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, purchased a copy of the book and a wristband for every member of the team.

The Brees’ Dream Foundation approached Dan to commission the creation of a charity player’s t-shirt to be sold prior to their first playoff game. The front of the shirt said “Our City Our Home” and the back read “Finish Strong.” Over 60,000 of these shirts were sold in less than 7 days. The New Orleans community was now all in with the Finish Strong attitude. The Saints would go on to win the 2009 Super bowl; accrediting the finish strong attitude as a driving catalyst in their success.

Today, as a member of the Southwestern Family of Companies, the Finish Strong brand continues to carry on this mission by providing products and programs to inspire and reinforce the power of choosing to Finish Strong.

“Finish Strong became a mantra for our team throughout the off-season program, preseason, and regular season. We recognized that if we could indeed Finish Strong in everything we did, we could achieve the lofty goals we had set for ourselves.”

– Drew Brees , NFL Quarterback, 2009 World Champion

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Dan Green is an entrepreneur with a passion for finishing strong in all aspects of life and business. Over the past 30 years, as a self-described “manic entrepreneur,” Dan has excelled in a wide variety of endeavors including roles as visionary leader, sales professional, motivational speaker, patented inventor, race car driver, husband, and father. He enjoys building brands from the bottom up and is President and Co-founder of Inspire Kindness, a Southwestern Family of Companies member, where he leads the Finish Strong, Dash Poem, and Inspire Kindness brands.